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For all of you photogs out there, I am in a bit of dilemma, and wouldn’t mind a suggestion or 2, or at least point me in the right direction, here is the problem:

Imagine you are “the official” photographer in the group when your friend and you go out to party, celebrate birthday and what not, then you come home, download the images, fix and tweak a little bit of this and little bit of that. And then what?? you see, this is where the dilemma lies:

It is not unlikely that I went a little trigger happy when I went to the event, resulting in hundreds of pics, although I only see couple images out of the whole batch good enough, there’s always more than 2 friends that wants every single one of the images that I’ve taken in that activity.

So my question is, how I keep both of my friend and I happy??

What my friend want:

Every images

What I want:

Selected few images

The solution I’ve found so far:

1. Flickr – Although linking every single images from the shoot (hundreds) to post to the blog is a painstakingly slow process, I kind of like the result the more I look at it.

Pro: + Looks very nice

+ Easy to get to specific image (or skip the ones that you could care less about :))

Con: – Pain in the butt to link every images to post (I find the link to medium thumbnail size in Flickr work the best, not too big, not too small)

– There’s no batch download (I found something called FlickrDown that allows batch downloading for Windows, nothing for Mac yet)

2. BubbleShareBubbleShare

Pro: + Familiar Flickr like interface

+ Easy to upload (No monthly bandwidth limit or last 200 images limit like Flickr)

+ Creates slideshow with flash by default, makes it easy to link the images

+ Built-in batch download (no additional software required.) Click on any one of the images in the slide show, on the right side it will give you a link that lets you download all the images in the slideshow with 1 easy zip file

Con: – Restriction on the file dimension

– Virtually no support, the forum is flooded with SPAM

– Uses flash (initial load time could be long depends on how many images you have)

– Could only skip forward or backward with 1 image at a time. (Excellent finger exercise if you want to show somebody the 499 image out of the 500 in the slideshow)

3. Combination of both???

Is there anything blog/image hosting combination out there that will let me link the images thumbnails to the blog without repetitive clicking??


Boys and girls,

It looks like it’s that time of the year again, Canon just came out with newer updated version of consumer camera, called Canon XSI, replacing the XTI model that came out last year.

  • 12.2 megapixel APS-C CMOS (1.6x focal conversion)
  • 3-inch live view LCD (up from the XTi’s non-live-view 2.5-inch)
  • DIGIC III image processor
  • 9-point AF, 3.5fps shot rate (up to 45 images in JPEG, 6 in RAW)
  • The usual ultrasonic sensor cleaning
  • SD / SDHC media
  • Ships April, $799 and $899 for body-only / included EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens, respectively

Now here comes my question, given the reviews that I’ve read on the 40D’s Live View function, the users are not getting “true” live view (the image won’t update while zooming [correct me if I am wrong]), why are they implementing Live View into every camera now?? is that just like owning a much larger P&S camera (Digital viewfinder wise)?

And what’s up with changing to SD /SDHC card, does that mean those of us who already own the CF card have to purchase additional SD card in order to use the camera?? Is it that hard to implement both CF and SD card if they decided to eventually switch over to SD card?? at least this way the customer still has choices to use either CF or SD, then Canon can decide which format to use for the next camera accordingly?


Hey yall,

Went to Mesquite, TX’s Celebration Station today around noon. (9 of us)

Paintball used – 4800 used ($81)

Time spent – 4 Hr and 30 Mins

Fun had – Priceless (well, actually $29)

How is this photo related, you might ask? Well, it’s not. I thought about bringing my camera to the field and get some “action” shots of people playing paintball. But just the thought of my camera lens getting hit by the paintball just sends shiver down my spine. Unless you guys have any suggestion for taking photo under that condition???? Please let me know

I would really, like really really appreciate it!


Hello world!!

Another year has gone by, and you know how people always asks what your new year resolution is?

For me, I am going to try and post on this blog as often as I can.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

A good friend once told me that blogging is like a monster that you have to keep feeding to keep it alive; and it’s been 1 year since I made the site, but I have not posted much on the site at all. I have a pretty good feeling that 2008 is going to be a bit different.

P.S Just a bit, not “a big” change. ๐Ÿ™‚


wow, it’s been 4 months since I updated the site! That’s what I would call a LONG~~~~ time.

Oh well, I was busy packing and unpacking my stuff to the new apartment, and now school has started again, so I will probably be posting to the site soon (and more regularly too, I think….)


Last week we had to practice panning shot for our action photography class. This week we are doing panning plus zooming, wee~~~~





_mg_3117 My classmate – Oliver (Look at him go!)

_mg_3118 My classmate – Oliver (Look at how sharp his jeans is focused)

_mg_3142 My classmate – Oliver (Look at his shoes)

_mg_3202 The pan and twist zoom

_mg_3203 The panning and twisting zoom shot ๐Ÿ˜€



_mg_3224 Robert in mid-air

_mg_3266 Robert in mid-air 2


So as I was saying earlier, after I went out with the cat treat 5 minutes later and wasn’t able to find the cat, I thought it was done and over with, I would never saw the cat again :(, but boy, was I glad that I was wrong!

Here I am again, as I went out, I see the cat under the cat again, boy, am I glad to see it again! After I lure the cat out from under the car with the treat, the cat immediately started rolling over and playing with me.

The cat is so cute and cuddly, I want to have a cat, but didn’t have too good of experience with my cousin’s cat, he pissed everywhere around our previous apartment, maybe I should give it a little bit more thought…


This is my 2nd sighting of this cat outside of my apartment.

The night before, as I was coming back to my apartment with my brother, this mysterious cat just came out of nowhere, ran past my brother and I, stopped right in front of our apartment, and looked at us, thenย  it laid down and started rolling as if it wants us to pet it.

My brother and I stood there, looking at each other, and then at the cat, didn’t know what to do. I kneel down to try to play with the cat for a couple of minutes. As the cat got comfortable with me, it started moving away from the door. My brother and I saw the chance and quickly slipped into our apartment.

It’s not that I am scared of the cat or anything, but I just don’t want it to run into my apartment when we open the door.ย  5 minutes later, after I found the cat treats left behind from my cousin and went out of the door, the cat was no where to be seen….


Well, well, good news boys and girls, I just got the a new toy to play with, and that’s Canon’s 50mm f1.4 lens, for those of you who don’t know, 50mm is the zoom range equivalent for the 35mm camera age, and the f1.4, well, think of it this way

the lower number the f stop is, the wider the lens opens
the higher number the f stop is, the smaller the lens opens

in other word, the f1.4 lens would be more expensive compared to the f2.8 lens, simply because it could open up the lens wider, hence catch more light, throw more stuff in the background out of focus, all the better, but you will have to pay pretty pennies for it.

Any who, I just got the lens before I went on the trip to Galveston, so I thought to myself, what’s the better time to try it out than the Galveston trip? Only to find out that the 50mm f1.4 lens is not able to focus anymore after I took the pictures above, a quick search online found out that they cost about 1/2 of the new len’s price.

The lens is in the Canon repair center now, I am getting an estimate for the repair cost before deciding on what to do…. ;_;


During the last Spring Break, I went down to Galveston with my brother to visit my cousin, what turns out to be 5 Hrs drive has become 7 Hrs drive because of the traffic, my guess is that because Galveston is the closest beach in TX?? (or that I know of).

When we got there, we were exhausted, so we took a walk down by the beach, just to relax a bit, and look at what I found! I wonder if those people on the “Deck” in front of the mini-statue-of-liberty statue knows where they are at ๐Ÿ˜€